We’re Not Quite Sure What To Make Of This Two-Headed Cobra

by : UNILAD on : 15 Aug 2015 16:20

They say two heads are better than one but we don’t think one snake breeder was expecting such a nasty sssurprise when one of his female cobra’s gave birth to this two-headed mutant.


A snake breeder, who is known only as Mr Huang, found the baby Chinese cobra on his farm in Yulin, southern China, ten days ago.

He said the creepy-looking snake is still alive and growing, even though it does not eat or drink. Although, bizarrely, the two heads have tried to eat each other.

According to China’s People’s Daily Online, both heads have their own brain, which means they often try to move in opposite directions.


The venomous snake has now been handed over to experts at Nanning Zoo in the hope it will live longer, but there is no way of knowing if the snake will stay alive.

Zookeeper Li Keqi said:

The snake has been alive for 10 days now and has been with us for two, during which time it has already changed its skin once. But even though the snake is in a stable condition now, there is no way of telling whether it will be able to live on, as it still does not eat or drink water.

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    Sssurprise! This venomous cobra has TWO heads which fight to move in opposite ways and even try to swallow each other