Westminster Bridge ‘Locked Down’ After Car Mows Down Pedestrians


Westminster bridge is in lock down after pedestrians were reported to have been mown down by a car.

The incident follows reports of a shooting outside the Houses of Parliament, Westminster.

As reported by Sky News four ambulances were in attendance at the scene.

Eye witnesses speaking to Sky have also said that eight to ten people are ‘lying on the ground’ following the alleged attack.

Richard Tyse told Sky:

I came out of Westminster tube station which was being locked down behind me (by police). I was ushered onto Westminster Bridge and looked onto the west pavement of the bridge and literally north to south I must have counted 8-10 prostrate figures on the ground.

I understand a car had driven along the pavement knocking people over and that’s why many people were lying on the ground.

He added:

The whole length of the bridge there were people on the ground who had clearly been injured.

He described seeing “grey and black vehicles arriving with special forces in masks. Pretty dramatic scenes.

The Metropolitan police confirmed via Twitter that they were called to the bridge at around 2:40pm.

Social media is already rife with some pretty harrowing images, and it goes without saying that these should be treated with the utmost sensitivity.

It has been confirmed that one woman has died at St. Thomas Hospital, while at least one other person is believed to have died.

Many others are reported as having sustained ‘catastrophic injuries’.

Our thoughts are with those affected and their families at this time.

More to follow…