We’ve All Been Pronouncing iPhone X Incorrectly


So you may or may not have noticed, but there’s been all this talk about the new Apple iPhone X recently.

Apparently, most people have been saying it incorrectly – when you think about it, it’s pretty obvious, sort of, because it’s actually a Roman numeral.

The iPhone X was launched alongside the iPhone 8 at a major event in California and as usual, people have gone wild over all the newest Apple features.


Apple pronounced it as ‘iPhone 10’ at their launch event as well as in the device’s promotional film, yet it turns out Apple has been using the Roman numeral X, for more than, erm, X years.

Before MacOS, Apple’s desktop operating system was called MacOS X, which was a sequel to the MacOS 9, if you remember?

So where the bloody hell is the iPhone 9 at?

Well, it’s quite simple really, the iPhone is 10 years old, yes, the device has certainly come a long way since the first generation iPhone was released.

The iPhone 8, features an all-glass casing, A11 Bionic processor and a dual-lens camera setup which pairs a 12-megapixel rear lens with a telephoto lens in the iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple said the iPhone 8 would go up for pre-order on September 15, ahead of a final release date of September 22.

It costs £699 SIM-free for the 64GB version, rising to £849 for the 256GB variant.

For the 64 GB iPhone 8 Plus you’ll have to fork out £799, and the 256GB model going for £949 off-contract. Woah!

The iPhone X comes in two versions, a 64GB, which starts at £999, and an even more expensive 256GB version for £1,149!

The X editions won’t ship until later this year but will be available for pre-orders on October 27, before it’s released on general sale on November 3.

A lot of money.