We’ve Been Pronouncing Primark All Wrong And It’s Causing A Huge Debate


While it’s often referred to as Primarni or Primarche – the pronunciation of Primark is causing a bit of a divide online it seems, with the shop itself taking action to put the debate to rest.

Now, I didn’t realise there was a debate to be had, I’ve always called it ‘pry-mark’ and so has everybody I know,  but apparently some strange people pronounce it ‘pree-mark’.

People have been talking about it online with some finding it all quite hard to process…

The company, which is actually called Penneys in Ireland (they should have stuck with that, then there’d be no debate happening), decided to add the question ‘How do you pronounce Primark?’ in the FAQ section on their website.

Answering: “That’s a very good question. We like to use Pr-Eye-Mark.”

Go on, tell us what you think.

Going to just call it ‘primarche’ to avoid any confusion going forward…