What Are The Chances Of Another Election This Year


Since 1929 there have only ever been two hung parliaments. Two. Typically a highly unlikely situation but tonight, in this election, it’s exactly what the exit-polls have predicted.

When the polling booths closed, what was expected to be a night of Conservative landslide dominance altered drastically, with all major news outlets coming to an exit-poll conclusion of a Tory minority win.

This means that if the Tories are unable to get a majority, 326 seats out of 650, then they are forced to try and form a coalition (which most parties have flat out refused to do), run a minority government (which is also highly unlikely), or call another election.

Now – just two hours after the exit-polls were revealed, betting giant Paddy Power are taking bets on a second election this year and the odds are very slim.

As a betting man and a perpetual loser, I, for one, know that the bookies are rarely wrong and with the odds at just 5/4, it looks like a serious possibility.

Paddy Power

Now, in these blurry hours of endless waiting, only time will tell if a re-election will occur.

One thing that remains certain in these times of sheer uncertainty is that tonight is not the night Theresa May and the Conservative Party were hoping for or expecting.