What Siri Really Sounds Like When She Isn’t Inside Your iPhone

by : UNILAD on : 06 Jul 2015 14:36
Susan Bennett

If you’re an iPhone owner, you’re probably very used to the voice of intelligent personal assistant Siri. But have you ever wondered what the woman behind the voice really sounds like?

Susan Bennett, a voice actor and singer based in Atlanta, Georgia, recorded the original voice of Siri back in 2005.

In this video, she explains why her real voice sounds so different than the voice that millions of people around the world hear on their iPhones.


She said:

A Siri-like voice is still, at this point in time, very robotic. The pitch is a little bit lower, it’s not as evenly paced as if you were speaking naturally.

Since her voice is so different to that of Siri, she says it means she doesn’t often get recognised on the street. The fact that she doesn’t look like a phone probably helps with that too…

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