What The Hell Happened To Jackass’s Steve-O?

by : Tom Percival on : 12 Jan 2017 15:49

Ever wonder what happened to the Jackass wildman Steve-O since the popular stunt show went off the air? Well wonder no more!


According to the good folks over at Looper despite hosting a number of stunt shows and being a household name Steve-O, real name Steven Glover, struggled with substance abuse after Jackass went off the air.

Eventually in 2008 Steve emailed his former Jackass friends about his next stunt, the star wanted to jump from a building onto concrete. Johnny Knoxville intervened and took his friend to hospital where he was held for 14 days on suicide watch.

Thankfully since this then Steve-O’s managed to turn his life around kicking alcohol and drugs while not toning down his own unique over the top antics.


As well as starring in the Jackass movies and his own stunt web series, Steve-O’s become an impassioned animal right’s activist adopting a vegan lifestyle and protesting the inhumane treatment of animals in the U.S.

Most notably he protested Sea World’s treatment of whales, climbing a crane in LA and lighting fireworks on top of it while holding a large blow-up whale doll. He was then was jailed for trespassing and sentenced to 30 days in prison but was released after serving just eight hours.

Never change Steve-O!

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