What ‘Zombie Killer’ Told Police When Eating Victim Revealed

by : UNILAD on : 02 Nov 2016 09:06

Gruesome details of ‘zombie killer’ Austin Harrouff’s conversation with police in the moments after he was found eating the flesh of his victims has been revealed.


Harrouff was arrested two months ago and has been charged with the murders of Michelle Mishcon and John Stevens who were attacked and killed in their home in Florida, reports WPTV.

Court documents have detailed the exchange between Harrouff and deputies when they arrived at the crime scene.

Martin County Sheriff, William Snyder, says Harrouff told deputies they would not find any drugs in his system and the records show he was heard to shout:


Fucking kill me, fucking kill me. Shoot me now, I deserve to die.

The deputies say they also saw him spit out what appeared to be human flesh and that he had human hair in his mouth.

Deputies are also reported to have heard him say: “Help me, I ate something bad.” A sergeant then asked him what he ate, to which he allegedly responded: “Humans.”


Sheriff Snyder said:

Anything he said then could and will be used in court when we finally go to trial. What he said to the deputies the night of the two homicides is all he has said to us, on the record or off the record.

Since his arrest, Harrouff has given no statement, refusing to speak – although he did reportedly write one message on paper stating: “I  want my attorney, I don’t want to talk to you.”

Harrouff has now completed an interview with Dr. Phil – which is yet to be aired. Back in August his father, Wade, appeared on the show to describe his son’s ‘manic behaviour’ in the days leading up to the attack.


He claimed the 19-year-old’s personality had changed drastically about two weeks before the killings.

The trial is yet to begin.


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    Accused Martin County killer told deputies 'shoot me,' spit flesh out of his mouth