WhatsApp, Snapchat And iMessage Could Soon Be Banned



Popular communication apps WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage could seen be banned in the UK because of the ‘potential security concerns’ that their encrypted messages could hold.

The apps could be banned under new laws and home secretary Theresa May hopes to do this using the controversial ‘snooper’s charter’, or as it’s officially known, the Draft Communications Data Bill.

Theresa-May_2502262bTheresa May / Photo: Geoff Pugh

The old version of the bills was blocked by the Lib Dems in the last administration when it was put forward in autumn, but the Conservatives now have a majority, so it is likely it will go through.

However, there will probably be plenty of Tories who want to keep their communications private, and surely Labour and SNP would have to vote for it too – so there is hope.