When This Roller Coaster Opens It Will Break Ten World Records



A new thrill-seeking ride is set to smash a whopping 10 world records in one fell swoop when it opens to the public next year.

The ‘Valravn Birdseye’ at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, is set to take roller coasters to a whole new level, with the ride to feature the tallest dive (223ft!), most inversions on a dive coaster (three), and fastest dive (an eye-watering 75mph).

The full list of records the coaster is set to break are:

1) Tallest dive coaster (223 feet)
2) Fastest dive coaster (75 mph)
3) Longest dive coaster (3,415 feet)
4) Most inversions on a dive coaster (three)
5) Longest drop on a dive coaster (214 feet)
6) Highest inversion on a dive coaster (165 feet)
7) Most roller coasters taller than 200 feet at one amusement park (5)
8) Most rides at one amusement park (72)
9) Most steel roller coaster track at one amusement park (52,125 feet/9.9 miles)
10) Most roller coaster track at one amusement park (60,110 feet/11.4 miles)

Here’s what the ride will look like when it’s finished:


Wow, and we thought ‘Oblivion’ was scary.

We have a feeling this monster of a ride will end up breaking even more records when it opens, such as most vomit spewed on a roller coaster!


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