While We Were All Distracted By Covfefe Donald Trump Did Something Terrible

by : Francesca Donovan on : 01 Apr 2017 18:38

While we were all looking up the dictionary definition of Covfefe, President Donald Trump announced something incredibly ominous on the global political stage. 

What does Covfefe really mean? Is it all an illusion?


A PR magic trick, perhaps, designed to distract us all from the fact that yesterday, Donald Trump announced he would be making his final decision on America’s participation in the 2010 Paris Accord.

Otherwise known as the Paris agreement, the climate accord – which was ratified under former President Barack Obama – essentially stops the United States and all participating countries from destroying the globe with pollutants without a care in the world.

The ground-breaking agreement, backed by environment campaigners like Leonardo DiCaprio and David Attenborough, as well as the 200 participating countries saw a global effort to unite against global warming.


Now, Donald Trump – who is supported by many climate change deniers – might be pulling out of the Paris agreement, days after he refused to express support for efforts to combat global warming at last week’s G7 summit.

The Paris Agreement, which David Attenborough dubbed ‘one of the great causes for congratulations and optimism’ saw scientists, politicians join forces and pledge to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Signed by John Kerry, it is the world’s first comprehensive treaty to tackle greenhouse gases and was a great victory for Obama’s environmental initiatives.


However, people are concerned that President Trump – a much publicised climate change denier himself – will abuse his position of power to reverse these advancements.

Should Trump decided to remove America from the Paris agreement, they will join just two other countries who refused to play ball for the greater good – Nicaragua and Syria – and isolate America as global political decisions are made.


The Los Angeles mayor and co-founder of Mayors National Climate Change Agenda, Eric Garcetti, has also stated repeatedly that if America leaves the Paris deal, his city will adopt it independently. He is joined by the Boston mayor and the New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, also said he would ‘take matters into his own hands’.

Amid these uncertain times, Elon Musk has threatened to leave The White House advisory council if Trump follows through on reports.

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