White Supremacist On Parole Arrested After Ankle Monitor Places Him At Capitol Riots

by : Julia Banim on : 19 Jan 2021 15:01
White Supremacist On Parole Arrested After Ankle Monitor Places Him At Capitol RiotCBS Baltimore/FBI

A known White supremacist who had been out on parole has been arrested after his ankle monitor placed him at the Capitol riots.

Bryan Betancur, of Silver Spring, Maryland, is now facing charges including unlawful activities on Capitol grounds and disorderly conduct following his arrest on Sunday, January 17.


As per a federal affidavit, Betancur has told law enforcement officers that he is a member of multiple White supremacy organisations. He has also voiced ‘homicidal ideations, made comments about conducting a school shooting and has researched mass shootings’.

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As reported with CBS News, Betancur’s parole officer informed the FBI that his client had claimed to have been inside the Capitol building with the rioters on January 6.


Betancur has also claimed to have been tear-gassed during the riots, and stated that he had been paranoid about the FBI watching him.

Betancur had been on probation at the time following a fourth-degree burglary conviction. He had successfully requested permission to travel to Washington DC, stating that he was going to sell bibles with evangelical Christian organisation, Gideon International.

The terms of his probation meant that parole and probation agents had to use an online software to monitor Betancur’s travel, ensuring that he was adhering to his court-ordered curfews.

Police US CapitolPA Images

As per the affidavit, a screenshot taken using the software appears to Betancur heading in the direction of the White House Ellipse before moving east towards the area at the west front of the Capitol.

Based on this information, it’s believed Betancur had been in the area around the Capitol building from approximately 2pm to around 5pm. He has also been identified in a post from the social media account ‘bryan_patriot_1776’, where he can be seen holding a corner of the Confederate battle flag.

A separate photograph shows Betancur appearing to wear a Proud Boys t-shirt while making the ‘OK’ hand signal, a symbol that is often used within White supremacy groups.

Special Agent Alexis Brown said:


Based on my training and experience, and my knowledge of the facts uncovered in this investigation to date, I believe that at no time on or before January 6, 2021, was Bryan Betancur granted permission or authorized by rule to enter restricted grounds around the Capitol, nor did he, at any time, have authorization to assemble, display flags, or parade on the Grounds or in the Capitol Building.

Officers fighting off rioters at the CapitolPA Images

As per the affidavit, Betancur originally told his probation officer that he had been inside the Capitol, before attempting to change his statement. However, there are reportedly witnesses who have seen his social media posts.

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