White Supremacists Have Been Promoting Themselves On Canadian University Campuses

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Universities in Toronto have been plastered with posters for a white supremacist student group, Vice reports.

They are promoting a White Students Union, and they come from a group called Students for Western Civilisation.

A website for the group describes their goals as:

1. To genuinely explore ethnic and cultural politics in a forum which does not exclude rightist or conservative perspectives.

2. To organize for and advance the interests of Western peoples.

3. To promote and celebrate Western Civilisation.

SWC is based out of Toronto and is composed primarily of students and alumni of Toronto universities, but young people across North America are encouraged to contact us.

Students for Western CivilisationStudents for Western Civilisation

They say they want to tackle the ‘leftist agendas’ taught in Canadian universities, saying that York University’s liberal arts programmes are dominated by ‘leftist perspectives’.

They go on to add:

All white people are racists, we’re taught, and only white people can be racist, because white people are the sole beneficiaries of this white supremecist (sic) system.

A spokesperson for York University said the group is not a school-sanctioned union and that its members are unknown.


The posters have been labelled offensive, and Chris Rudnicki, a criminal lawyer from Toronto said they amount to hate speech and called for police to investigate.