White Teen Who Claimed To Be Black Says Police Racially Profiled Her

by : UNILAD on : 24 Feb 2018 21:04

You know, at this point in life, we should really know better than to give someone – who’s clearly craving attention and viewership – exactly what they want.


However, when a polarising internet ‘personality’ such as WoahVicky is making noise on social media, you can’t help but be drawn in, like a moth to a flame – the moth being us and the flames being her ostentatious life on Instagram.

For those of you who are blissfully unaware of who (or what) WoahVicky is, a quick recap from us will tell you she’s a teenager from Atlanta, Georgia who made the bold claims she was African American.

It’s a ‘bold claim’ because all evidence points towards the ATL teen, who’s real name is Victoria Waldrip, being white as a cloud in the skies above.


Yet I’m veering off-topic. Why am I writing about Ms. Waldrip? Well, over the weekend, she and her friends got into an altercation with the police after they were accused of causing a disruption in a shopping mall.

Whatever was happening, mall security weren’t having any of her shenanigans and according to the controversial 17-year-old she said:

They [sic] reason for arresting us is because there were too many kids coming up to us asking for pictures.

Vicky claims mall security, as well as the police who arrested her and an unnamed friend, were victims of racial profiling.

According to the New York Post, she claims the Greensboro Police Department were acting racist towards her.

She also posted a two-part video on her Instagram, which was recorded by another friend/member of her entourage(?) – only known as Dominique.

In the footage, you can clearly see the teen getting manhandled by the police and mall security at the Four Seasons Town Centre Mall in Greensboro, North Carolina. In her posts, she adds the hashtag ‘#blacklivesmatter’.


At one point during the footage, it shows police pinning Vicky on the floor.

She’s said to have been charged with trespassing, assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest, according to the Greensboro Police Department’s report.

A mall spokesperson stated Vicky and her friends were given ‘multiple opportunities to leave’ before her arrest.

Instead, she resisted and during the melee, Vicky and her friend began ‘acting disorderly’ causing people in the mall to panic.

According to the spokesperson, who spoke to The Blast:

Several other juveniles inside the mall began running around and screaming.

As all that was transpiring an unidentified individual shouted something about shots being fired and panic ensued throughout the mall.

GPD received multiple calls of shots fired and/or an active shooter in the mall.

Both of them were reportedly released the next day and footage was then posted of Vicky and her male friend, coming home and hugging an older black male who she calls ‘uncle’.

Recently, the controversial social media personality admitted to her fans she is in fact 100 per cent a white girl – with zero margins of error and to the shock of absolutely no one.


Prior to this groundbreaking discovery, WoahVicky was making videos where she was callously using the N-word, posing with guns, selling weaves, wearing do-rags over her straight hair and doing makeup tutorials aimed at black women.

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