Who Is The New Stig, And Will He Be On Top Gear, Or Clarkson’s New Show?



A battle is about to start up between Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC over who gets custody f their child… The Stig.

The new Stig is yet to be determined, but there is already a lot of tussling for control.

Clarkson is going up against Chris Evans for who will land the latest incarnation of the driver, with linked potentials including Jenson Button, Mark Webber, and a female driver that Evans is keen on, German Sabine Schmitz.

The Stig is actually Jeremy Clarkson’s creation. The unknown persona puts cars through their paces, while using a nickname normally given to new boys at his old public school.

However, in 2012, the BBC bought out Clarkson, taking control of all his shares for £8 million… Including The Stig.


The Top Gear old boys are going to be making a new show for Amazon Prime, with an insanely huge budget of around £4.5 million per episode… Could they be shelling out a chunk of that to buy the white-suited wonder driver from the BBC? Or will they just create a new character?