Who Is This Creepy Dude Stood Near Obama And Putin’s Private Talk?


This genius video shows a strange, shady looking guy and his terrifyingly unsubtle attempt to get close to Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin during the G20 Summit in Turkey yesterday.

He shuffles about trying not to draw attention to himself, then inches closer to the two world leaders – managing to attract the attention of who we can only assume is some sort of ’80s henchman/Russian security detail (you know who I mean).


The consensus seems to be he is a particularly awkward eavesdropper – either a secret service agent (not convinced) or a journalist trying to get near enough to record their conversation on his phone or equipment in his bag.

Either way, I woudn’t get that close to Putin if you paid me. I’d give this guy a pretty wide berth as well.

The Pink Panther overdub is inspired.