Who The F*ck Actually Voted For Trump?

by : UNILAD on : 09 Nov 2016 10:40

If you decided not to spend your entire night watching the madness of the U.S. election unfold, you’ve probably woken up in a state of shock to see Donald Trump is the new leader of the free world.


Yeah, this has actually happened. In a lot of ways this result has parallels with the UK’s EU referendum, but instead of the result being influenced by the older generation it turns out that this election was really won because of Trump’s appeal to white voters.

Considering they made up 70 per cent of the electorate, it was always going to prove pivotal in either candidates victory.


According to the results of Edison Research’s national election poll white people of nearly all ages, genders, and education levels chose Trump over Hillary (58-37 per cent). With the only exception being college-educated white women.


Which when you take into account his chequered past with women, culminating with the infamous ‘grab em’ by the pussy’ comments and sex abuse allegations, you can kind of understand why.

In the run -up to Election Day a lot was also made of the Latino and African American vote and whether the turnout among these communities could clinch it for Clinton.


However, Trump performed a lot better with Latinos then first envisaged. The vote saw almost 30 per cent of voters opting for Trump, which considering his comments about Mexican immigrants being rapists and criminals, oh, and his determination to build a wall on the border is somewhat surprising.

While the Black vote was a lot more on point with prior predictions, with 88 per cent voting for Hillary.

But where parallels are really drawn with Brexit is that people with and without degrees voted very differently. Those with a college degree or higher overwhelmingly voted for Clinton (52-43 per cent), while those without were more likely to vote for Trump (52-44 per cent).


It’s worth noting that this exit poll isn’t perfect as it relies on human survey-takers at pre-selected precincts, but it does offer an early and fascinating insight into what kind of people would really vote for Trump.

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