Who Wore It Better? These Guys Hilariously Mock Sisters’ And Girlfriends’ Instagram Pics

by : UNILAD on : 21 Oct 2015 14:57

These women make a tasty penny posting their bikini shots online but that hasn’t stopped their other halves and siblings ripping the piss out of them with some sultry poses of their own.


Instagram star Gabrielle Epstein, 21, has more than 738,000 followers on her page and reportedly earns more for one photo on the social networking service than she would for working four days as a model!

And now her boyfriend Conner Malan is getting in the act too and mocking Gabrielle’s cheeky shots.

In a series of Insta images, Malan asked “Who wore it better?” posing alongside his missus while wearing a skimpy swimsuit to compare their looks.


It turns out that bikini shots don’t look quite as artistic when a man’s arse cheeks are hanging out!

Sam Earp has also got involved with the Instagram mimicking, posting photos on his own account of him pulling the same poses as his model and photojournalist sister Sjana Elise Earp.

Again, who wore it better? You be the judge…

Yeah, we’re not sure these lads will be earning quite as much as their female counterparts for these photos but A+ for effort!

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  1. Daily Mail

    Who did it better? The boyfriends and brothers of Instagram stars mock their pictures by copying their provocative poses in skimpy swimsuits