Whoopi Goldberg Hits Out At Cara Delevingne, Not Really Sure Why


Cara Delevingne probably didn’t think one interview would end up getting more publicity than the film she was trying to promote, but after going on Good Morning Sacramento to promote Paper Towns this week, that is exactly what happened – with news anchors accusing her of being “tired”, “irritated” and “in a mood”.

Now, firstly, everyone has their off days, and for me, Cara didn’t actually do much wrong bar be a little bit sarcastic – and at the end of the day, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

The interview has spilt the public and media, with Whoopi Goldberg also hitting out at her, taking a swipe on ABC’s ‘The View’, suggesting Cara should have just ‘sucked it up’.


Goldberg claimed:

She’s not a famous actress. She’s a newbie. I’M famous.

It isn’t easy, but we are privileged for what we do. We are so lucky. If you are supposed to be doing this, you gotta find a way to suck it up. You don’t get to be crappy to people – they’re doing their job too.

I mean, for me, if someone got my name wrong at the start of an interview, I wouldn’t be best pleased, and it doesn’t exactly endear you to the people who are asking you yet more questions while you’re on a gruelling promotional tour.

Yes, be nice to people, but at the end of the day, the model turned actress was tired, irritated at the news anchors and still stayed to answer questions until they patronisingly told her to take a nap – something that would have earned them a far worse reprieve from most famous people.