Why Did This Woman Shit In Front Of Some Posh Houses?


One woman appeared to make a pretty outrageous political statement outside one of America’s famous white picket fenced houses, literally shitting all over the class divide in the U.S.

Either that or she just really needed to go there and then!

The mystery pooing protester dropped her trousers and relieved herself on the grass near the pavement outside the idealised symbol of middle-class suburban life in broad daylight.


A horrified resident captured the shocking moment on camera, as well as taking photos of the used toilet paper left scattered on the lawn outside the house after the dirty protest.

The shit-and-run incident reportedly occurred in Monterey Park, California earlier this week.

Mayor Peter Chan was among those outraged by the bare-faced cheek of the woman’s actions, saying he’s concerned it could send the city’s image down the pan.

Police will be hoping they can flush the perpetrator out soon!