Why We Shouldn’t Watch The Disturbing Footage From The Westminster Terror Attack

by : UNILAD on : 22 Mar 2017 18:07

After today’s shocking attack in London, it’s more important than ever we do not watch the video showing the aftermath of people injured on Westminster bridge. 


Horrific videos showing people lying injured, or worse, in the road on Westminster Bridge, has been released after the frightening news broke of an alleged attack at Parliament this afternoon.

You would think after last year’s Nice attack, where horrendous videos emerged of people fleeing the scene of the Bastille celebrations, after a lorry ploughed into the crowd, people would have learned their lesson, but it seems not.

A policeman was stabbed and shots fired outside the Houses of Parliament today, with reports of an incident taking place on Westminster Bridge, involving a vehicle running down ‘at least 10-12’ people.


It has been alleged the driver ‘mowed’ down several people on the bridge, before crashing into the railings and attacking at least one policeman, in a connected attack.

Tragically four people have died so far and with at least 20 others are in a critical state, with their injuries described as ‘catastrophic.’

Scotland Yard are also treating the dreadful occurrence ‘as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise.’

Even though people are clearly keen to spread the news and awareness of this terrifying incident, it does not mean it is acceptable to share this sort of graphic and insensitive content.

What people are forgetting here, is the people who can be seen lying on the bridge are people, with relatives and friends and it is completely immoral to share this harrowing footage further.

For one thing, their loved ones may not know they have been caught up in the incident and to find out they’ve been injured because of a video, would be truly horrendous.


Not only that but it shows a complete lack of sensitivity at a really difficult time and it is a pretty sadistic way of getting followers and likes, by sharing a video of people who have been brutally hurt.

On top of this, it is pretty shocking and quite disgusting, a terrifying incident can occur and in this disturbing world we live in now, we think it’s OK to film the whole thing rather than help.

A statement from Scotland Yard reads:

Police are asking people to avoid the following areas: Parliament Square; Whitehall; Westminster Bridge; Lambeth Bridge; Victoria Street up to the junction with Broadway and the Victoria Embankment up to Embankment tube.

This is to allow the emergency services to deal with the ongoing incident.

Officers – including firearms officers – remain on the scene and we are treating this as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise. We thank the public for their assistance.

UNILAD have not used any of the footage from Westminister Bridge, which may cause distress to people and their families involved, as well as to viewers.

Thoughts are with everyone involved’s family and those affected by this story.

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