Wife Takes Revenge On Cheating Husband In The Best Way Possible

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


This popular idiom was proven once again to be true as an unfaithful husband was taught an extremely valuable lesson, after returning from a business trip to find his wife had sold their house. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

Builder by trade Craig Arnolds returned home from his stay in New York to find the locks had changed and six students chilling in his lounge. His wife, Laura, 42, had packed her bags and gone.

The Sunday Mercury

What a kick in the bollocks. I’m sure he would have probably preferred that, considering the circumstances.


She took this drastic measure after discovering an incriminating messages on her partner’s iPhone and once she found out, Laura was able to sell the property in  Nuneaton behind Craig’s back because her parents had taken over the mortgage.

Within a fortnight – through website www.sellhousefast.uk – the property was occupied by students from the University of Warwick.

Laura told The Sunday Mercury: “Things aren’t great between us at the moment. I could do it because my parents came up with the deposit for our home and when we struggled with the mortgage, they came in.”

She decided to get back at her 44-year-old husband after he had forgotten to take his iPhone 6 along with him on a business trip to America.

When the phone flashed up an unknown number, a suspicious Laura looked. It turned out to be a rather naughty message from an American woman. This is when she decided to hatch a revenge scheme.

Craig described how instead of being greeted by his wife he was met by a lad who looked like ‘a 21-year-old hippie” and of his confusion. That’s when it dawned on him what had happened.


To rub salt in the wounds, she also included some of his belongings in the sale, including furniture inherited from his late father, a vintage radio and his golf clubs. No, not the golf clubs!

He said:

She’d included my most prized possessions in the ‘fixtures and fittings’. I was gutted. I still can’t get my head around how she did this in the space of a two week holiday. I made a mistake and paid for it dearly. I was very annoyed at first but life is too short to dwell on these things.Who knows, maybe by getting this out of her system will allow us to build on the existing amicable relationship?


I doubt it! You should have kept it in your pants mate.

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