Wigan Locals Respond To Bomb Scare In Most British Way Possible


The people of Britain have once again shown they will not be cowed by the threat of terrorism after a bomb scare in Wigan.

Following the awful event that shook not just Manchester but the UK as a whole to its core on Monday night, people are understandably on high alert.

Since the Manchester Arena attack which claimed the lives of 22 innocent people, a number of follow-up incidents have lead to numerous evacuations this week – although thankfully none of them have caused further damage.

In keeping with the incredible spirit of resolve that has permeated the response to hate, the good people of Wigan have now showed they too stand firm in the face of danger.

Yesterday, police closed roads and evacuated a number of homes as the bomb squad were called to a house near the Cherry Gardens pub in the Greater Manchester town after reports of ‘potentially suspicious items’.

But rather than retreating in fear, residents took a distinctly British approach to the developing incident and went for a few jars in the sun.

You’ve got to hand it to Wiganers – in the face of terror, go for a nice cold pint and wait for all of this to blow over – chuck a pie barm in there too while you’re at it.