Wild Boar That Stole Naked Man’s Laptop Could Be Shot

by : Mike Williams on : 17 Aug 2020 13:30
Wild Boar That Stole Naked Man's Laptop Could Be ShotWild Boar That Stole Naked Man's Laptop Could Be ShotAdele Landuer/Facebook

Is this how we punish viral stars now?

After the beautiful images of a middle-aged naked man chasing a wild boar who’d stolen his laptop went viral a mere 10 days ago, it’s now emerged that the mother pig in question could be culled – in other words, shot dead.


In a devastating turn of events, and after the world took this laptop-stealing hog to their hearts, when a nudist was seen chasing after her and her two infants at a German beauty spot, local media has reported the animal could be culled due to the country’s increasing boar population.

nudist chases wild boar 3nudist chases wild boar 3Adele Landauer/Facebook

Apparently, wild boar can be aggressive and carry a number of diseases harmful to humans, so pose a threat to people. Head of the Grunewald forestry commission, Katja Kammer, told public broadcaster rbb24 that the disruptive porker would be ‘primarily taken’ away from the immediate areas where crowds have gathered more frequently outside during the coronavirus pandemic, as more people have taken to the great outdoors after everyone’s summer was essentially cancelled, DW reports.

Authorities in Germany have seen an increase in reports of unruly oinkers causing unrest when animal and human collide – especially by the Baltic Sea beaches…


While more people sun themselves, the boars have gotten bolder over the desolate months and have been attracted to the watering areas in the summer heat, not to mention seeing the usually shy beasts less able to distance from humans after having their natural space encroached upon.

‘Fortunately there have not yet been any serious clashes between wild boars at Teufelssee,’ confirmed Kammer, and it must also be noted that culling boar is neither unusual nor illegal. Without them under threat from any predators (other than us humans), there’s no natural way to keep the population to manageable numbers.

nudist chases wild boarnudist chases wild boarAdele Landauer/Facebook

Thankfully though, it appears boars with piglets under six months cannot be legally killed, and hunters are not allowed to be shooting their guns in crowded lakeside areas where families are present – so there’s hope yet for what Kammer describes as an ‘especially intelligent sow’.

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