Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Are Pretty Intense At Their Sons’ Football Games


If you’ve ever played sports as a child, you probably have your own embarrassing story of an overenthusiastic parent completely losing their shit watching you play.

Even so, it turns out that no dad has anything on Mark Wahlberg, who revealed on the Graham Norton Show just how intense he is when he cheers on his son during his football games.

The father-of-four was photographed in November looking a bit too passionate at his son Michael’s championship game and, it turns out, this was no one time deal.

He said:

They’re not liking me at the games anymore. I get a little too crazy, I get a little too passionate. I can’t help it – he just played in the championship game and I couldn’t even eat. My stomach was in butterflies – he’s 9 – and it was crazy. I lost my voice for about a week, screaming, yelling.

Even worse, Wahlberg says the team lost. Awkward…

As for Wahlberg’s ‘Daddy’s Home’ co-star Will Ferrell, he’s a little more chilled out at his son’s games.

And, although Wahlberg reckons Ferrell would make an awful coach because of his overwhelming positivity, Ferrell does note he once “lost his mind” at one of the matches.

He added:

I did have a moment where I was screaming at my eldest son, who was 10-years-old at the time, and I was like, ‘Magnus! Magnus! Magnus!’ And he stopped in the middle of the game and was like, ‘What?’ And I realised I’d lost my mind and I just said, ‘Never mind. Try to get closer to the ball’.

Still, at least Ferrell can just claim he was trying to get into character for the new movie…