Will Ferrell Drops Hint We Could Be Getting A Step Brothers Sequel

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Where do I start with this news – here’s your first clue….

Boats and hoes, boats and hoes – I gotta have me more boats and hoe’s.

Well I don’t think you need any more after that, but Will Ferrell has just dropped some major clues about a Step Brothers sequel.

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Every time Will Ferrell stars in a film he gets pestered about sequels and in some instances, it clearly pays off – we got Anchorman 2 as well as Zoolander 2.

Now, after appearing on Watch What Happens Live After Show to promote his new film The House, Ferrell was asked about his film’s that may have sequels brewing.

As reported by UPROXX, a caller phoned the show asking specifically about Elf or A Night At The Roxbury and whether they would be revisited?

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In true Ferrell-style response he replied:

I’ve got great news for you… No!

However, the presenter used this as an opportunity to probe Ferrell about any other sequels….Step Brothers fans pay close attention.

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Ferrell said to Cohen:

We talked a little bit about Step Brothers, so who knows?

But, at the same time, you like to create new things.

I know that is by no way a confirmation or even close to a promise but surely, it’s promising?

I’m taking it as a positive – I mean, he knows that EVERYONE loves that film!

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Who knows – maybe Prestige Worldwide will be the company behind it!