Will Ferrell Mocks Donald Trump In Hilarious George Bush SNL Sketch

by : UNILAD on : 13 Dec 2015 19:52
Saturday Night Live

Will Ferrell has brought one of his most beloved characters back to Saturday Night Live, President George Bush.

Ferrell opened the show on Saturday with a hilarious portrayal of George W. assessing the current crop of Republican presidential candidates, with Donald Trump inevitably being ripped to shreds.

When Trump’s face is brought onto the screen Ferrell, as Bush, describes The Apprentice star as a “knucklehead” before he starts laughing uncontrollably.


But there is a greater purpose behind Ferrell’s name-calling as he exposes just how ridiculous Trump’s policies are, focusing on his latest half-brained plan to prevent any Muslims entering the country.

Then after running through a few more candidates, including Bush Jr.’s own brother Jeb, Ferrell announces his character’s plan to stand for office once more.


Sure it isn’t legal for the actual George Bush to run for a third term, but would it be legal for Ferrell to run with an alter ego? It’d certainly be preferable to the current GOP options.

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