Will Ferrell Scares People On Street Yelling At Them About Christmas Movies

by : UNILAD on : 13 Dec 2015 13:40

If Elf isn’t your favourite Christmas movie, watch out, because you never know when Will Ferrell might pop out and hassle you about it.


‘King of Christmas’ Ferrell joined comedian Billy Eichner for the latest edition of Billy On the Street, as they ran around New York City shouting at people and asking them about seasonal films. You know, as you do.

Armed with Christmas jumpers and a microphone, the two funny men decided to test passers-by’s knowledge of festive films and Ferrell wasn’t happy that some people preferred Scrooge to Elf.

As if being randomly yelled at by two celebrities wasn’t disconcerting enough, judging by the attire of the interviewees this one was filmed a fair while ago so the unsuspecting civilians are even more confused as they clearly don’t have Xmas on their minds just yet.


Some people seem legitimately terrified by the sight of two grown men yelling at them about Christmas but, hey, at least some of them got a dollar if they answered the questions correctly.

Fair play to the woman who was so shocked by Bill and Will yelling “Merry Christmas” at her, she just ran away, prompting Eichner to dub her a “little Christmas bitch”. Ouch!

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