Will.i.am Reveals Real Reason He Shouted ‘What’s Up London?’ At One Love Manchester

by : UNILAD on : 05 Jun 2017 10:07

People thought Will.i.am had made a massive f*ck up when he shouted ‘What’s up London?’ at the One Love concert, but it turns out, he has a very good reason.


Addressing the wrong city is awkward for any artist performing to a crowd, which is why when the Black Eyed Peas rapper shouted out to London from the One Love concert in Manchester, it left everyone a bit confused.

The singer continued to reference London throughout the Black Eyed Peas’ set with Ariana Grande, at her fundraising concert on Sunday 4th June, leaving fans bewildered.


The group joined up with Ariana to sing a moving rendition of ‘Where is the love?’ but the front man’s apparent monumental cock up, was what really seemed to get people talking.


‘Outraged’ by what everyone thought was a slip of the tongue from a dazed and jet-lagged performer, people were up in arms on Twitter to complain about his perceived ‘insensitivity’.

This led the popstar to confront his ‘mistake’ directly tweeting the ‘real reason’ why he appeared to shout out to the wrong city.

Will.i.am argues he was not being disrespectful to the people of Manchester, instead he was extending that same respect, honouring the victims and the families involved in Saturday night’s attack in London.


This makes sense considering the concert was aimed at uniting people and igniting ‘love’ for everyone everywhere, in light of the recent atrocities, as well as to raise the much needed funds to support those who had lost loved ones.

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The concert took place last night at Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground and was watched in more than 50 countries around the world.

As a result, it raised more than £2million for the victim’s families and was overall a huge success and a credit to the city.

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