Will Smith Really Wants To Step In As Batman And Here’s How It Could Happen

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Move aside Ben Affleck, Will Smith is gunning for your role as Batman, apparently.

At the MTV Movie Awards, Smith spoke to MTV’s Josh Horowitz about playing Deadshot in Suicide Squad and whether he’s ready to reprise that role, but apparently he wants to try on the batsuit instead.

Smith recounts the time he read a comic where Batman gets injured:

There was one of the comics where Bruce Wayne got injured, and I think Deadshot came in and he had to throw on the Batsuit. So I’m just saying, if they were going to draw from that, I wouldn’t reject it.

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He then begins to pitch his idea of himself playing Batman, because why not?

I’m a team player. I’m a team player … If they need me in a suit, I’m in it … [Ben Affleck] can do it a couple, can do it for two or three, and then he gets injured and Deadshot can take over. For me it’s the logical progression.

Cant’ really argue with that. But can he even do a decent ‘bat growl’ I hear you ask, well judge for yourself.

It might just prove that he’s ready to play the Caped Crusader, if duty calls that is.