Will Young Takes Aim With Truth Bombs Inbound For Kanye West


When he’s not busy being that guy who won Pop Idol and then faded into obscurity, Will Young is apparently quite happy to criticise other musicians for their over-inflated egos.

Kanye is a pretty easy target these days, and with good reason – he’s a bit of a twat. If your mate started saying he was Shakespeare in the flesh and the greatest rockstar on the planet, you’d tell him to shut up, sit down and finish his pint. Thankfully Will Young is on hand to keep Yeezy in check.


Speaking in a recent interview with the BBC about his least favourite musicians, Young let rip on Kanye:

His arrogance completely over-runs him as a musician. He’s so audacious and opulent. It shows the worst of people who have loads of money. Massive weddings, opulent engagements. Who is this man? And why do we laud these people?

Fair enough Will, can’t help but agree with you. Kanye has had some pretty great tracks over the years, but the fact that he constantly needs to remind people about how good he is has fast become tired.

It’s highly unlikely that Kanye gives two shits what Will Young thinks about him or his music, but maybe one day he’ll tone it down and accept that he may not be the greatest thing that ever happened to humanity. On the other hand though..