Wine O’Clock And Hangry Are Now Officially Phrases


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Casual alcoholics everywhere can take a breath of relief as ‘wine o’clock’ is now officially a phrase.

Let’s be honest, most people have used a variation of that saying at some point, especially during their working day, with ‘beer o’clock’ and ‘vodka o’clock’ also firm favourites.

The words have been added to and are part of a small selection of words, including ‘awesomeness’ and ‘manspreading’ that also make the cut.


In case you were wondering, mic drop, car cafe, brain fart, pwn and cupcakery are also lucky phrases that have also been added.

It is yet another reflection on how the generation of today are influencing how people speak and the vocabulary that they use, and how they are infiltrating every day life.

Previously, ‘Muggle’ and ‘MacGyver’ were also added to the list.