Woman Accused Of Disgusting Act With Ferret

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Manchester Police Department

A woman is facing animal cruelty charges after allegedly doing something completely disgusting with her roommate’s ferret.


26-year-old Ivana Clifford was arrested early on Wednesday morning, after officers responded to reports of smoke in her apartment building.

Clifford, from Manchester in New Hampshire, has pleaded not guilty to the charge during her arraignment on Wednesday.

The smoke drew the authorities to the building, which was determined to be coming from the oven in the apartment.


Manchester Police Lt. Brian O’Keefe said:

Upon arrival they spoke with the fire department, who in turn advised them that they had found a deceased pet inside one of the ovens, which caused the smoke alarm in the first place.

The ferret was called Angel and was one of three which belonged to Clifford’s roommate, Cara Murray.

Angel was ‘very friendly’, according to Cara, who said she was ‘cute’ and would run around with the other ferrets.

Firefighters confirmed they found the ferret covered in burn marks in the apartment, which Murray claims was put in there by Clifford.


Police arrived on the third-floor apartment just after 2.30am after the building was evacuated because of the smoke.


Murray told WMUR 9:

I don’t understand why she would do such a thing. It’s disturbing. It’s emotional. It’s sick. She’s a sick, twisted girl.

I don’t understand people anymore. I don’t understand. I really don’t?

Apparently, Clifford was staying with the couple because she was eight months pregnant.

She allegedly told the investigating officers she killed the pet because her roommate had stolen her clothes

However Murray claims she placed it in the oven because Angel bit Clifford a few hours earlier.

Clifford’s defence argued her lack of criminal record meant she wouldn’t be a risk to the public and said there should be no incarceration due to special circumstances.

Manchester Police Department

Her husband, James Clifford, told WMUR 9 he hadn’t heard the full story, but didn’t think she was violent.

He said:

All my friends have cats and dogs. She’s never hurt an animal in her life and I don’t think she would do it.


Clifford’s bail has been set at $10,000 cash only and presiding judge, Gillian Abramson, said the allegations show a ‘profound sense of sadism’.

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