Woman Allegedly Pulls Knife On Teenagers After Being Angered By Bad Wi-Fi At Taco Bell


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In the age of social media and being constantly connected to your phone and emails, a good Wi-Fi connection is pretty important.

You know the panic that creeps in to your mind when you see the signal bars going down on your phone and realise you might be in an internet free zone – and while most people might struggle with that, one woman went seriously overboard.

Amber Henson was in a Taco Bell in Oklahoma when she realised the internet connection wasn’t working – and ended up taking her frustrations out on a group of boys who were nearby.

crazy knife woman

Henson pulled a knife out on the kids after waiting outside for them following an incident in Taco Bell that saw her deliberately spill her drink over them as she tried to squeeze past, leading to her being kicked out of Taco Bell.

She has been charged with one count of assault with a dangerous weapon on a minor, and despite claiming it was in self-defence, authorities believe her anger over the lack of Wi-Fi frustrated her to the point of the loss of self control and subsequent outburst.