Woman Arrested After Following Black Family Screaming ‘You Don’t Belong Here’


A woman was arrested after screaming at a mixed-race family, telling them they didn’t belong in America.

Lauren Milewski, 31, allegedly harassed 30-year-old Essex Cook as he and his family walked through Berkeley, California.

Initially assuming that Mileski wanted his group to move out of the way he politely offered to let her pass but she took this as an opportunity to harass Mr Cook and his family.

In a video of her bizarre racist behaviour, Milewski can be seen following the Cook family and refusing to leave them alone even when they ask her to stop.

Milewski can be heard saying in the video:

You don’t belong here. Get out of Berkeley. Get out of here. You don’t belong anywhere.

Mr Cook later claimed that Milewski was fixated on him and because of his dark skin tone.

Unfortunately, the family’s attempts to de-escalate the situation were fruitless and Milewski allegedly physically attacked Mr Cook’s cousin

First Milewski grabbed Mr Cook’s cousin, Elexia’s, braids and pulled on them before, the Daily Mail report, she lashed out at Mr Cook’s partner ripping off her shirt and her breastfeeding bra.

They claim that her chest was left badly scratched and exposed as the couple’s 15-month-old son screamed nearby.

At this point, the family tried to call for help but Elexia claims most people ignored them even when Mr Cook asked them to ‘be a witness’ for them when the police arrive.

Elexia said:

We were so loud and people were walking by not even making a noise, trying not to look at us, acting like they didn’t even notice.

It just made me feel very uncomfortable.

The lack of corroborating witnesses made the Cook family extremely nervous to call the police, especially in light of recent events in America but thankfully a family did eventually intervene.

The family called the police for the Cooks and waited for officers to arrive so they could back up the family.

When the police did arrive though Milewski attempted to turn the tables on her victims, claiming that she was assaulted by their ‘mob.

Thankfully the officer in question recognised Milewski from a previous incident and placed her in handcuffs as she squirmed in an attempt to resist arrest and cried.

Being bigger people the Cooks didn’t press charges but Milewski was arrested anyway on suspicion of public intoxication. Oh and for violating her probation after a prior grand theft auto charge.

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