Woman Arrested After Refusing To Return $1.2 Million Put In Her Bank By Accident

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 11 Apr 2021 18:26
Woman Arrested After Refusing To Return $1.2 Million Put In Her Bank By AccidentJefferson Parish Sheriff's Office/Tumisu/Pixabay

A woman in New Orleans has been arrested, after she refused to return the $1.2 million, which had been deposited into her brokerage account by mistake.

Kelyn Spadoni was taken into custody on Wednesday, April 7, charged with the theft of more than $25,000, bank fraud and the illegal transmission of monetary funds, according to reports.


The alleged offences took place after financial services corporation accidentally transferred more than $1.2 million into her account, instead of the intended $82.

Woman Arrested After Refusing To Return $1.2 Million Put In Her Bank By AccidentJefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

Authorities claim the 33-year-old immediately transferred the money into another bank account, before spending chunks of it on a new car and a new house.

When the bank then tried to reclaim the money, after realising the transfer was a mistake, the request was rejected because the money was no longer available in the account, Nola.com reports.


Spadoni, who worked as a 911 dispatcher for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office has also been fired from her job following her arrest.

Captain Jason Rivarde, from the sheriff’s office, said: ‘It’s not her money. She has no legal claim to that money. Even if it was put in there by mistake, it was an accounting error.’

Money dollar billsPexels

Meanwhile, Spadoni also faces civil charges, after the financing company launched a case against her for failing to respond when they attempted to recover the money.


The company filed a lawsuit against her on Tuesday, April 6, claiming several attempts were made to contact the 33-year-old over a number of weeks, but she did not respond to any of them.

The lawsuit claims: ‘By her conduct, Spadoni has made it clear she does not intend to return the mistakenly transferred funds to Schwab.’

So far, detectives have only been able to recover around 75% of the money, as the rest has been spent on expensive and flashy items, such as a 2021 Hyundai Genesis sport utility car, which has a minimum price tag of $48,000.

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