Woman Barges Into UFC Fighter Urijah Faber’s Bathroom And Shits Everywhere


Perhaps inspired by that viral video of an MMA fighter shitting himself during a fight, one woman barged into the house of UFC fighter Urijah Faber and proceeded to defecate all over his toilet.

‘The California Kid’ was baffled when the stranger banged on his door, then ran inside and locked herself in his bathroom.

She then proceeded to poo and vomit all over the floor while the 36-year-old Urijah Snapchatted the entire bizarre incident from outside the door. As you do…

In the video, he said:

So we just had a woman knock on the door, we open the door, and [she] walked in my house, not saying anything, and locked herself in my bathroom.

Eventually, the police were called to Faber’s home in Sacramento, California, and, when they managed to break into the bathroom, they found the woman passed out on the floor and escorted her from the premises.


In the aftermath, Faber and everyone else were left to wonder what the hell just happened.

Look we know that Faber has had a major falling out with former Team Alpha Male member and UFC bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw, but if this is TJ’s way of getting back at him, he may have taken things a bit too far!