Woman Broke Into Stranger’s Home, Petted Dog, Washed Dishes And Left

Woman Broke Into Stranger's Home, Petted Dog, Washed Dishes And LeftVinton County Sheriff's Office/Pexels

In what could be regarded as the most bizarre piece of news today, a woman has been arrested for allegedly breaking into a home, petting a dog and washing the dishes.

While many people would probably welcome a helping hand around the house, the woman has landed herself with a burglary charge after sneaking in unannounced through the back door.

The Vinton County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio, said a call was made on Monday regarding a burglary at a residence in the village of Hamden, 80 miles south of Columbus.

Posted by Vinton County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Deputies spoke with one of the residents, who hasn’t been named. They claimed a woman came into their home through the back door, at around 9am on May 6. The woman allegedly went into the living room, before sitting down on the couch and petting the family dog, then headed into the kitchen to wash the dishes before heading on her way.

The resident said they didn’t know the woman, nor did they invite her in their home, noting that she was acting ‘very strange’.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s Office received a tip off that a woman matching the intruder’s description had been going around knocking on the doors of other residences in the area. Deputy, Michelle Thomas approached the woman and arrested her.

The intruder, who was later named as Cheyenne Ewing, appeared to be under the influence, and reportedly gave deputies a false name. Ewing is said to have told Deputy Thomas that she had been up for two days straight.

Woman Broke Into Stranger's Home, Petted Dog, Washed Dishes And LeftPexels

She was arrested for burglary and taken to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail in Nelsonville, where according to jail records, she’s being held on whopping $10,000 (£7,700) bond.

It’s not clear whether Ewing knew she was committing burglary and entering a stranger’s house, or whether she was confused as a result of sleep deprivation and inebriation.

Either way – that’s a very expensive bill for doing the washing up and offering up a bit of animal affection.

Ewing will attend a bond hearing on Tuesday May 14.

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