Woman Caught Smuggling Cocaine Inside Fake Pregnancy Bump

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Woman Caught Smuggling Cocaine Inside Fake Pregnancy BumpPolícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo/Facebook

A woman in Brazil has been arrested after it emerged she had smuggled cocaine inside a watermelon that she had disguised as a baby bump.

The unnamed woman reportedly boarded a bus bound for Rio de Janeiro with the drug-stuffed watermelon shoved under her dress, having tried to pass herself off as heavily pregnant.


Suspicions were raised about what she was really up to after police were tipped off about a drug case, leading to the woman being searched. However, even the military police were left surprised after discovering her bump was actually a watermelon.

Polícia Militar do Estado de São PauloPolícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo/Facebook

Inside the watermelon, officers discovered four brick-sized portions of cocaine, which they have described as a cocaine ‘paste’. The drugs, which weighed more than 4lbs, were reportedly seized by Sao Paulo authorities on Monday, November 30.

As per a Facebook post from the São Paulo Police Department, the woman confessed she had received the drugs in Paraguay, and had planned to take them to Rio de Janeiro.


She was arrested in Guara, and was then taken to a police station after being brought in by the police motorcycle squad.

Three faceless photographs uploaded to social media show the woman’s ‘bump’, the watermelon and finally a big reveal photograph of the watermelon’s illegal contents.

Polícia Militar do Estado de São PauloPolícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo/Facebook

The case has left many people feeling shocked and baffled, with one commenter remarking that they didn’t know whether to ‘laugh or cry’, while another offered their congratulations to the police officers for having successfully arrested ‘the creative bandit’.


As per the Mail Online, local media sources have reported that the woman was set to be paid 500 Brazilian reals (an approximate $100) for transporting the cocaine to Rio de Janeiro.

Sao Paulo’s military police have since described the botched smuggling attempts as an act of ‘creativity without limit’.

Polícia Militar do Estado de São PauloPolícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo/Facebook

As reported by the Mail Online, Brazil has long been regarded as a market for cocaine in other South American countries and, in recent years, it has also become one of the main suppliers to Europe.


£4,000,000 Worth Of Cocaine Discovered In Fruit Juice Ship

published at6 months ago

It’s believed Brazilian syndicates have infiltrated ports and sent drugs on container ships headed for Europe, where the cocaine market is reportedly worth more than $10 billion.

Paraguay is also known to have been used by gangs as a transit station to funnel cocaine into Brazil from other countries in South America.

Just last month, as reported by BBC News, Paraguay police discoverd a record 2.3 tonnes of cocaine hidden among a charcoal shipment bound for Israel. This was the largest drugs seizure ever made in Paraguay, with the drugs having an estimated street value of $500 million (£383 million).

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