Woman Claims Chinese Restaurant Served Dog Paw Instead Of Spare Ribs

Dog PawYouTube

A woman claims she was served dog paw in a Chinese restaurant instead of the spare ribs she ordered.

Ashley Jefferson from Maryland posted a video to Facebook ranting about the dish, which appeared to have canine paws and nails.

Jefferson sounds disgusted in the video, as she points out the spare rib ‘is clearly a dog paw’, adding ‘I’m taking it to the Health Department to have it tested.’

Her next comments were more than a little uncomfortable to listen to:

This is what they’re doing to us now. They’re so not right for this… All you Chinese food lovers, I suggest you re-evaluate your life.

Closer examination has called her claims into question. People on Facebook have set the record straight, telling Jefferson the dish was indeed ribs in no uncertain terms.

One user wrote, ‘I think this chick was high… Really a dog paw. I’d sue her stupid self’ while another said, ‘You better apologise to the people of that restaurant once you get the results and find out it’s a damn rib!’

The restaurant in question, the China Palace in Havre de Grace, Maryland, denied the use of dog meat in any of their food and posted a statement to Facebook with proof from the Department of Health.

Although the suspected ribs did look a bit grim, this surely doesn’t warrant Jefferson’s outburst and her seemingly false allegations of animal cruelty.

Is this a case of mistaken identity, catastrophic food envy, or simply a gut feeling gone wrong? The world awaits while Ashley seeks test results.