Woman Claims She Makes £16 Million Each Year Selling Stuff On eBay

by : UNILAD on : 04 Sep 2015 16:10
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One former lawyer has claimed that she makes $25 million – or £16.4 million to those of us in the UK – by selling stuff on eBay.

Linda Lightman, 53, said she initially started selling her son’s old video games online, and now lists 5,000 items a day, and has a team of people working in a 2,000 square foot office.

Currently living in Philadelphia, her online boutique, Linda’s Stuff, has grown over the past 15 years, and now turns over millions – and all by selling other people’s unwanted junk.


She claimed that you don’t just have to be limited to what you have in your house, and that you should ‘branch out’ to make money selling other items on eBay.

Linda Lightman

For all those buddy eBayers out there, here are her top tips:

Do some research: Learn how to price by researching what similar items are selling for.

Pick a good user ID: Clearly, I wish I had taken this advice.

Use good quality images and detailed descriptions: Take lots of pictures, you want ‘crisp, sharp’ images – describe, describe. Is the item new or pre-loved? Does it have tags? What is the fabric content? What are the measurements? The more you include, the better.

Write a great title so your item stands out: Make sure to include the designer name, size, colour, style and other identifiers that buyers would search for.

Provide excellent customer service: It’s important to be very clear about terms for payment, shipping and returns. And be prepared to provide more detailed if asked.

Be reliable and prompt: Be prepared to pack and ship it quickly and in the manner agreed upon in your listing.

Enjoy it: People say if you do what you love and love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life – I never believed it until I started Linda’s Stuff.


So basically, follow these, sit back and watch the money roll in.

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