Woman Claims To Be From ‘Freedom To Breathe Agency’ And Refuses To Wear Mask In California

by : Julia Banim on : 09 Aug 2020 15:43
Woman Claims To Be From 'Freedom To Breathe Agency' And Refuses To Wear Maskwittlelizzy/TikTok

Footage has emerged that appears to show a woman from the so-called ‘Freedom to Breath Agency’ threatening a grocery store worker with legal action after being asked to wear a face mask.

The video, taken in Orange County, California, and shared on TikTok, shows the woman wrongly informing health store supervisor Liz Chavez, 31, that she could face legal consequences for asking customers to wear face masks, brandishing a business card from the bogus agency.


Although the business card did indeed bear the logo for the US Department of Justice, there is – surprise, surprise – no such government agency. Despite this, the irate customer proceeded to inform Chavez that she was putting herself ‘into major legal liability’.

You can watch the clip here:


The video in question was uploaded to TikTok by Chavez, who describes herself on social media as ‘an essential worker getting harassed by Karens’.

In it, we see the unnamed woman wearing a ‘FTBA’ badge and holding a clipboard, from which she hands Chavez sheets of paper outlining essentially nonsense information from the made up agency. She can be seen standing with another unmasked woman, also wearing a badge from the make-believe group.

The first woman can be heard telling Chavez, ‘You personally need to take this to your manager because you personally can be sued for this, OK?’

The paper handed to Chavez apparently informed her that she could face a three to five year prison sentence or pay a fine of $10,000 simply for asking customers to wear masks, BuzzFeed News reports. Luckily, Chavez really doesn’t have anything to worry about.


Chavez said the two customers had refused to wear masks after being asked to do so:

They weren’t there to shop.They honestly were probably just waiting for somebody to come up to them and ask them to wear a mask so they could do this.


In June, the Department of Justice warned about individuals claiming to be from the fraudulent ‘Freedom to Breath Agency’, posting an example of one of the cards on its website.

Woman Claims To Be From 'Freedom To Breathe Agency' And Refuses To Wear MaskUS Department of Justice

US Attorney Matthew G.T. Martin said:

Do not be fooled by the chicanery and misappropriation of the DOJ eagle. These cards do not carry the force of law. The ‘Freedom to Breathe Agency,’ or ‘FTBA,’ is not a government agency.


US Attorney Martin urged members of the public against relying on information contained within ‘Freedom to Breathe Agency’ postings and flyers, which have not been issued or endorsed by the department.

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