Woman Dating Ghost Explains How She’ll Have His Babies

by : Julia Banim on : 20 Aug 2018 14:14
Spiritual guidance counsellor wants to start family with ghost.Spiritual guidance counsellor wants to start family with ghost.ITV

You might think your love life is complicated, yet it likely has nothing on the romantic liaisons of spiritual guidance counsellor Amethyst Realm.


Amethyst met her current boyfriend while over in Australia. However, not one to settle for a standard long-haired traveller finding himself, Amethyst bagged herself a ‘very ancient, very wise’ ghost.

After six months of dating, they are reportedly as loved-up and happy as any new couple, and have even joined the Mile High Club while flying home.

Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost had nothing on this…


Giving a little insight into the attraction towards her mysterious lover on This Morning, Amethyst said:

I refer to it as him, because that’s easier. He’s very ancient, very wise, very kind. I would say [he has been on the planet] for a very long time.

She then went on to detail their unique meet-cute, with the spirit approaching her while she was out walking in the Australian bush.

Prompted by Ruth Langsford, Amethyst explained how her boyfriend was more something she could feel rather than see; describing him as an ’emotional, physical presence’.

Although Amethyst had experienced ghostly encounters before, she knew this one was different. She fell in love and knew she had found ‘the one’.

Now we can all relate to those first heady months of a relationship, where you stay up all night talking and confiding in each other. However, when you have fallen for a ghost, conversations are somewhat different.

According to Amethyst:


It’s difficult to explain in terms of normal, earthbound relationships. It’s a bit deeper than that, we don’t have a need for conversation.

We’re just about emotion and feeling, and connection.

Oh Amethyst. Just wait until around the two year mark when he’s been watching American Horror Story ahead of you on the sly and then denying it.

Amethyst and her spooky other half may have an unconventional relationship, however it appears they have quite traditional aspirations for the future.

Now, they aren’t putting a deposit down on a suburban starter home just yet, but they are looking to start a family together.

According to Amethyst, she is hoping for a ‘physical’ baby, but remains unsure whether it will arrive in spirt or human form:

I’ve been looking into phantom pregnancies, and I believe that a phantom pregnancy is actually a real pregnancy but you have a phantom inside you rather than a human baby.

And the reason we don’t ever manage to carry these to full term is the people that have this don’t understand this or even comprehend that it’s possible.

But I’m hoping through understanding what’s going on with my body, I’ll be able to.

I am not envious of Amethyst’s Facebook friends should those creepy ultrasound scans ever start seeping through their feeds…


Things then got a bit raunchy as Amethyst revealed how the ghost had unexpectedly followed her as she left Australia. In a fun twist on the Friends finale, he got on the plane.

Amethyst said:

Yeah I was really sad because, in my experience, spirits tend to be a bit static. So I thought I had to leave it behind.

And whilst I was on the plane, I suddenly realised. It surprised me and, yeah, come with me.

After admitting to being sometimes turned on by the ghost, Amethyst confessed to getting up to shenanigans in the airplane loo with it/him.

Despite a few ‘tense’ moments, the relationship has so far is said to be a positive one, with the couple hoping to soon tie the knot with a hand fasting ceremony. They even go on fun dates to places like the zoo and the cinema.


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