Woman Donates Kidney To Boyfriend Who Then Brutally Dumps Her

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Woman Donates Kidney To Boyfriend Who Then Brutally Dumps Her
Woman Donates Kidney To Boyfriend Who Then Brutally Dumps Her (@colleeeniie/Tiktok)

A woman saved her boyfriend's life by donating her kidney. Three months later, he dumped her.

There's plenty of gifts one can give their significant other: flowers, a box of chocolates, a nice meal, a weekend getaway, a game they've been hinting at for ages. However, nothing quite matches the gesture of giving someone one of your organs.

Picture the scene: you're in love with someone, and they're in dire need of a kidney. After some consideration, you decide to help them and donate your kidney. How would you feel if they not only dumped you shortly after, but also cheated on you?


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Six years ago, Colleen Le (@colleeeniie on TikTok) went under the knife for her boyfriend. Back when they first got together, she explained how he'd been quite open about his struggles with chronic kidney disease since he was 17, meaning he had to be on dialysis as his kidneys only functioned at 5% of their normal capacity.

As their relationship developed, she 'decided to get tested to see if [they] were a match because [she] didn't want to watch him die', she wrote in a series of TikTok videos. Amazingly, they were a match, so she went ahead with the surgery. Fortunately, the procedures were a success and both made a full recovery.


This is the part where they live happily ever after, right? Wrong. In another video, Colleen revealed how he later said he was taking a trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party with some friends from his church. At this point, she was deep into studying for her finals, and as well as trusting her boyfriend, she acted like anyone else would and wished him a good time.


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He eventually confessed to cheating on her during the trip. 'A lot of arguments later, I eventually forgave him and gave him a second chance,' she continued.

Now this is the part where they live happily ever after, right? Wrong again. Three months later, he broke up with her over the phone, saying, 'If we are meant for each other, God will bring us back together in the end.'


He blocked her on all social media, but not before telling her, 'You only donated your kidney to look good.'

Her videos have amassed millions of views and comments supporting Colleen. 'You have THE biggest heart and he didn’t see it... his loss,' one user wrote. 'I hate that – what goes around comes around. I hope you find someone who worships the ground you walk in. You deserve nothing less' another wrote.

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