Woman Falls Off California’s Highest Bridge Trying To Take Perfect Selfie

Placer County Sheriff's Office

A woman miraculously survived despite falling 60 feet off California’s tallest bridge after trying to take a selfie.

The unidentified woman was one of numerous social media users who take the huge risk of balancing on the beams of the Foresthill Bridge near Sacramento to join the Instagram craze.

The female fell and was airlifted to hospital for treatment on Tuesday with authorities saying she was incredibly lucky not to have died.

Despite serious warnings from authorities, young people are not paying attention to the dangers and continuing to risk their lives for the social media kudos.

To be honest… This picture is of me nervously laughing because I'm shitting my pants with fear!

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Foresthill bridge stand 730 feet above a river and is the fourth highest in the United States.


Placer County Sheriff’s office said:

This young lady is very lucky to be alive and the consequences could have been worse for her, her friends and her family.

Almost 100 people have been killed from either falling or jumping off the bridge since it was first built in 1973.

Don't look down.

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Since thrill-seeking youngsters have been flocking to the area, the sheriff’s office has increased patrols in the area.

Is it really worth it for the 40 likes you’ll get on Instagram?