Woman F*cks Up By Not Double-Checking ‘Winning’ Lottery Ticket


One lottery ‘winner’ found herself in an incredibly awkward, and legally dubious, situation.

The unnamed Frenchwoman splurged on a massive spending spree after ‘winning’ the Euro Millions lottery, only to discover that she’d got the numbers wrong and hadn’t actually won anything.

According to The Telegraph, the 46-year-old – believing she’d won a massive jackpot – went on a three week shopping binge, issuing a series of cheques to purchase perfumes, jewellery, clothes and ornaments.


She managed to rack up over €4,000 (£3,000) worth of payments during the spree, but her husband eventually started to worry something was up when the winning cheque didn’t turn up.

He managed to get her ticket and double-check it, and to his horror realised one of the digits didn’t match up with the winning numbers. She’s now been charged with fraud, over the series of bounced cheques she issued, l’Est Republicain reports.

And she didn’t do herself any favours when she found out the truth, inventing a story about her handbag being stolen – even going so far as to burn the bag as evidence – in an attempt to not pay back the money she owed.


Unfortunately for her she was caught on security camera writing out the cheques at several of the shops, and quickly found herself arrested.

The court gave her a four-month suspended sentence and ordered her to work to pay off her debts.