Woman Feared Dead At Grenfell Tower Miraculously Found Alive


A woman who was believed to have died in the Grenfell Tower fire has been found alive.

Fadumo Ahmed had her pictures posted around streets local to the tower as friends tried their best to find her.

Ms Ahmed lived on the 19th floor of the block and on the day of the disaster, called her mother to say ‘I can’t get out. Goodbye’.


32-year-old Ms Ahmed was later discovered in hospital after she was found unconscious on the 18th floor by a fire crew.

She had been in hospital since the fire eight days ago, and was surrounded by family who were oblivious to the appeal her friends were making, according to the Mirror.

Ms Ahmed’s mother said:

In her last call to us she said, ‘I can’t come down any more. I can’t get down.

I’m in God’s hands now. Pray for me. Goodbye.’ We all cried.


Ms Ahmed is now recovering from the effects of smoke inhalation.

Her mother continued:

He [the firefighter] is a hero. He saved her life, it’s that simple – otherwise, she wouldn’t have got out.

We are just so happy she is okay.

When we saw how bad the fire was and knew she was inside, it was terrible – we didn’t think anyone else could get out of there alive.


The Charity single for the Grenfell Tower victims has already rocketed to the top of the iTunes chart.

You can download the song or make a donation here.