Woman Fends Off A Wolf Attack


The old adage goes, ‘if you play with fire, you’re going to get burned’.

The same goes for wolves; if you decide to have a woodland war with the powerful predator, chances are you’re going to get involved in a little man versus wolf tussle.

That’s exactly what happened to this brave woman in a zoo in Sweden who, when one wolf grabbed a man by the wrist, stepped in and fended the animal off.

The footage shows the animal on its hind legs, snarling at the woman who works as a zookeeper at Kolmården Wildlife Park in Sweden.

In an instantaneous fight or flight reaction, the keeper kicks the wolf in the groin region with military precision, and the uniform to boot.

Many have praised the woman for her alpha-like response and her assertion of dominance in the face of perilous danger. According to reports, a resident wolf pack at this wildlife park had previously killed a keeper in an unprovoked attack.


However, the video does raise an important question about keeping innately wild animals in confinement.

Wolves are predatory by nature and humans – regardless of their enforced dominance over animals in zoos – are one step below them on the food chain.


Thankfully, neither the wolf nor the woman involved was injured, unless you count the wolf’s ego.

But I can’t imagine the keeper will be taking a chance with her safety again.

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