Woman Films Husband Being Shot Dead By Police

by : UNILAD on : 24 Sep 2016 10:39

This is the shocking moment North Carolina police shot and killed a black man as his wife pleaded with them not to shoot, repeating that he had no gun.


In the two minutes worth of footage, Rakeyia Scott, the wife of Keith Scott who is killed in the video, urges her husband to get out of the vehicle as Charlotte police surround the car, reports the BBC.

She shouts ‘Don’t shoot him’ as police urge him to ‘drop the gun’ – however Rakeyia firmly denies that he had a weapon on him of any sort.

Though it cannot be clearly seen, several loud gunshots are then heard as Rakeyia screams ‘he better not be dead’.

Protests Break Out In Charlotte After Police ShootingProtests Break Out In Charlotte After Police ShootingGetty

Anonymous police sources claim that a gun was found at the scene which had Scott’s fingerprints and DNA all over it, however the police have not said anything officially – leading people to suggest that the gun was planted on Scott.

In the immediate aftermath of the killing, hundreds of protesters lined the streets of Charlotte chanting: ‘No justice, no peace, release the video’ – a reference to the bodycam footage of the shooting.

The North Carolinan city is currently in a state of emergency after the riots on Tuesday and Wednesday night last week when numerous confrontations between police and protesters took place.

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