Woman Finds Bizarre Racist Instructions On Her Takeaway Pizza Receipt

by : UNILAD on : 24 Aug 2015 15:14
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One woman was appalled after finding a bizarre set of racist instructions on the receipt for her takeaway pizza.


Loretta Smith Layne, from New Jersey, US, had ordered food from Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz, and when she opened the box, and saw shocking comments telling her to fry the chicken wings ‘hard like a black dick’.

The customer said she was ‘very offended and upset and disrespected’ to see the instructions, being a black woman herself. She added that the owner of the store, Danny Sommeling, admitted to her that his son had written the instructions, but was a ‘good boy’.

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The owner later backtracked when journalists visited the takeaway, telling the reporters to get off his property, and that he didn’t actually know who had written the comments.


However Ms Smith Layne claims he sent her a text to apologise and admit his son – a manager at the establishment – was the guilty party.

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Ms Smith Layne took to Facebook to further express her annoyance, posting:

All he [the manager] can say is sorry! Well guess what? I’m sorry too that I ever came here to order wings!

Another prime example of people thinking they can say what they want. Well, not to me you can’t!

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    Woman finds shocking 'racist instructions' on her pizza takeaway receipt